What Mark Robinson Thinks

Mark Robinson is running for governor on a campaign that is based on division and discord. His abhorrent views on the LGBTQ community, far-right positions on abortion and guns, and denials on the reality of racism make him an extremely dangerous threat to the freedoms and lives of North Carolinians.

Mark Robinson’s extreme views are dangerous for North Carolina.​

He has threatened violence against the government, actively spreads misinformation, and has built a legacy of hate and division that endangers the lives of North Carolinians.

Mark Robinson Routinely Makes Derogatory Remarks About Women And Is Radically Anti-Abortion.

Mark Robinson is virulently and unapologetically homophobic and transphobic.

  • He routinely refers to homosexuality as “filth” and transgender rights as “demonic.” 
  • He has said loving God and being an LGBTQ ally are incompatible.
  • As Governor, he would support dismantling the legal rights of married same-sex couples.

Despite a horrifying rise of mass shootings, Mark Robinson staunchly opposes any common-sense gun safety regulations.

Mark Robinson is virulently and unapologetically homophobic and transphobic.

  • As Lieutenant Governor, Robinson used state resources to harass educators about so-called “indoctrination” in schools.
  • Robinson has led efforts to censor educators from teaching the truth about our nation’s history.
  • As Governor, he would eliminate science and history from elementary school curriculum.
  • He has called for the State Board of Education to be eliminated.

Mark Robinson weaponizes his faith to spread hate.

  • Many of us learned to love thy neighbor and treat others as you want to be treated, but Robinson preaches division and discord.
  • He has said that feminism is the work of the devil and his minions.
  • He has said loving God and being an LGBTQ ally are incompatible.
  • He has unapologetically made numerous anti-Semitic and Islamophobic comments.
  • He has spread dangerous misinformation on the history of the Holocaust.

Mark Robinson’s extremism puts workers and our state’s economy at risk.

  • HB 2 was an embarrassment and economic disaster for our state – it cost us billions of dollars and thousands of jobs. Robinson’s long history of hateful speech and advocacy for anti-LGBTQ and anti-women policies will lead to a similar fate. We can’t afford Mark Robinson.
  • Mark Robinson is not a champion for working people. In his time as Lieutenant Governor, he has failed to steer a single policy or legislation that serves working people in our state, choosing instead to chase fame on the right-wing speaking circuit.
  • Mark Robinson is not focused on giving struggling North Carolinians the help and breathing room they need. Instead of addressing corporate greed, he has advocated for lowering corporate income taxes.

We must stop Mark Robinson from becoming the next governor of North Carolina. ​

His ideology is a threat to us all.

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