The Rev. CJ Brinson: Will you join me in loving our LGBTQIA kindred?

Robinson has said that trans people are “demonic,” that he doesn’t care “how much you cut yourself up, drug yourself up and dress yourself up; you are still either one of two things: You are either a man or a woman.”

Those are such vile things to say when studies have concluded that individuals who identify as transgender are twice as likely to die than their cisgender counterparts.

We Must Practice Acceptance and Love for All People

Some people know that I grew up in the same church as Mark Robinson’s family, which they have since left. Since our time together as a part of the same church family, we have gone down different paths. Even so, I still pray for his health and wellness, as well as his family’s that I knew and loved as a child, and that hopefully as a community we can work together to elect the leaders who will lead with compassion and understanding for all people.

Arndrea Waters King: Mark Robinson is no Martin Luther King Jr.

North Carolina Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson understands the power of language as well. He has said that women should never have been given the right to vote, nor should they have any say over their reproductive autonomy. He thinks Muslims shouldn’t have religious liberties or civil rights.

FRESH EYES: Jesus is in the midst of Pride

When candidates, elected officials, and religious leaders purport how people should be treated based on their identity, ask yourself if it’s grounded in a love ethic. When lawmakers put out policies that aren’t informed by the people they impact, ask if it was made from a place of love for those communities.

Mobilizing Against MAGA in North Carolina

Republicans in North Carolina have nominated their most extreme ticket yet. This year, voters will see Donald Trump, Mark Robinson, Dan Bishop, and Michele Morrow as Republican nominees, in addition to a number of other far-right candidates up and down the ballot.  These candidates stand in opposition to North Carolinian values and will make North […]

A Robinson Win would be a Disaster for NC, the South, and the Country

It may be easy to dismiss Robinson’s offensive rhetoric and radical policies as bombastic and ultimately inconsequential, but Robinson would yield real power as Governor and would likely be backed by a Republican-led state legislature and state Supreme Court, both of which have bucked decorum and good governance in recent years in favor of naked […]

Black North Carolinians Reject Robinson’s Rhetoric and Platform

CARE conducted several rounds of public opinion research to understand Black people’s concerns about Robinson’s leadership. The topline from our research shows, the more Black North Carolinians know about the real Mark Robinson, the more they reject his leadership.